The Final 2018 Goals

Hey everyone! There are 87 days left of this year, and I’ve decided to change my goal of 75 books this year to 60 books. That’s another 23 books I need to read in 87 days, at an average of 1.85 books per week. 🙂 I have separated my goals categorically:



I have currently been approved 8 NetGalley books, and my goal is to finish and review them all by the end of the year. That’s approximately 1 book every 11 days.



Rotating between fiction and nonfiction, I plan to finish these 8 audiobooks by the end of the year. Again, a total of 1 book every 11 days.

Litsy Markup Postal Bookclub

For the first time ever, I have signed up for the a postal bookclub through Litsy. In this one we join a group of 4 people. In November, we each pick a book, read it, and make highlights and notes in the margins. At the end of the month, we mail our book to the next person in our group, and receive one from someone else. Then we read, mark, and mail that one, and so on. As I have not been assigned a group and discussed what types of books to read, I will not venture a guess as to what my book choice will be. But this will be 2 books over the months of November and December.

General Reading


And my final 5 books will be these.

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