Weekly Update 36


Not much to report in my personal life over the past couple of weeks. It snowed last Sunday, which was a surprise to myself. I caught this picture well before it stopped snowing – so there was more accumulation by the end of it.

This being MEA weekend, I am spending Thursday and Friday with the kids. So far, we haven’t done much interesting, though today we plan on going to the library. This weekend, I will participate in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. My goal is to read 12 hours – which would be more than I am usually able to pull off for a readathon. But I like to challenge myself. 🙂

On the Blog

Over the past two weeks, I have reviewed Going Clear, by Lawrence Wright, Hillbilly Elegy, by JD Vance, & And I Darken, by Kiersten White. In a slightly hypomanic state, I felt the need to outline my reading goals for the rest of the year (I said that I changed my goal from 75 books to 60, but I have since then decided to add a graphic novel a week in order to make my 75.), as well as my reading goals for next year (which are subject to change). I also added a Nonfiction Challenge and a Fiction Challenge in order to diversify my reading.

Reading plans for the following week

Currently Reading

These are the books that I expect to make progress on (though not necessarily complete) over the next week. The Witch of Willow Hall, Them, and The Re-Origin of Species ARCs. The Passage and The Wasp Factory are my Halloween season reads. And The Lies We Told is this month’s Book of the Month pick.



I finished 4 books over the past two weeks. Reviews for The Hate U Give and The Lions of Valletta are coming up next week. Beyond These Walls will not be not published until January, and the review will wait until then. Though I will say that I enjoyed it quite a bit.



Perhaps I overdid my acquisitions over the past two weeks. I requested way too many books from NetGalley and Edelweiss, so my focus for a while will be to catch up on those ARCs. American Overdose, Fade, Bone Lines, The Patriot Bride, the Liberty Bride, The Cumberland Bride, and Beneath a Prairie Moon are NetGalley books. The Re-Origin of Species and The Torture Machine are from Edelweiss. Room and Steelheart are both Daily Deals from Audible. The Wasp Factory is a book I purchased because I wanted to read it for Halloween season. And The Lions of Valletta as a birthday present.

This update has been posted to Caffeinated Reviewer’s Sunday Post.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update 36

  1. I loved both The Hate U Give and And I darken! Now snow? Already??? Oh my I hope it does not hit us so soon! happy saunday 😉


    1. Happy Sunday to you, too! (A little belated, as you posted this comment 10 days ago. lol) The snow was only one day so far this year – and it’s not going to snow on Halloween, which is nice for the trick-or-treaters.


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