Weekly Update 40


Off the blog

Well, I had a fantastic time at the Book of Mormon performance last Saturday. I even wore the only dress I still fit into (it’s stretchy), and got a baby-bump picture. 🙂

This week was stressful, with two to four engagements every day. It was pressure week for First Lego League and our team met Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Right now, I’m sitting at our tournament, waiting for our first judging session in a half hour. Wish us luck! It’s a 7:30am to 5pm event, all told, so it will be a long day.

Other than being overworked, I had a good week. I got to have an ultrasound on Friday, and the baby looked perfect. We’re really looking forward to the birth, even though I don’t quite feel ready yet.

Reading this coming week

Currently Reading

Due to a need to rush through my library book (Stay with Me) and my Litsy Markup Postal Club book (Washington Black), I have decided to cut down on the number of books I’m reading for the upcoming week. That, and sometimes I just need to concentrate on a couple of books rather than 10, lol.

Completed Last Week

Nothing! Or, more accurately, no books.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Update 40

    1. I often read a lot of books at a time because of my ADHD. However, I also often cut it down when I become overwhelmed or feel that I have a deadline to meet.

      You should really see The Book of Mormon. It’s fantastic.


  1. That’s been my goal lately too, just to finish a few, because the weight of all the partially-read books is getting to me (although I do typically have several on the go, so you know it’s a huge stack when it starts to bother me)!


  2. Love the baby bump, although it looks cold outside your windows!!
    I’m not sure you’ll ever really feel ready, but baby bump will take care of all that for you & take it out of your hands very soon and forever after 😀


  3. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. My best friend’s dad just published a book: Grandpa’s Magic Ladder — Ackerman, Dr. Jack I haven’t read all of it yet, but it’s good. I bought it on Amazon.


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