Weekly Update 39

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Off the blog

Hello everyone! Happy voting week to those of you who are in America and got yourselves out there. I got out and did my civic duty, as well as taking my parents to get their votes in.

This week was busy as I had to deal with hypomania symptoms, a kid with a gut bug, finding a Girl Scout troop for D and a Cub Scout troop for M, and a trip to the ER on Friday night. That last one was mostly an accident. I had a headache starting around 4pm, took Tylenol and went to bed at 8pm (it was my second-in-life migraine by that point – the first being when I was around 14), woke up at 12 pm with it feeling even worse. This time, I thought of preeclampsia and took my blood pressure with the old monitor my dad had given me. It said 170 / 92 (or in that area) 3 times. I figured I should have Aaron drive me to CVS to check a different monitor, but decided to call the nurse line and ask if that was really necessary – surely I wouldn’t explode overnight? They, of course, told me to get to the hospital right away. 6 hours later, I was released with a clean bill of health for baby, a nascent headache, and doped up beyond straight walking. My blood pressure monitor at home was off by 50 points. No preeclampsia. Woopee! I went straight to bed when I got home, and woke up two hours later with a nascent headache but wide awake.ย I imagine I just over-stretched myself on Friday trying to rush around and get everything done.

Which doesn’t bode well for next week – on which I have two to four engagements a day. Don’t expect me to finish any books!

Today, I will be going to Book of Mormon with Aaron (provided he ever wakes up, poor thing) and then he and I will hang out with a good friend watching Doctor Who.

On the blog

After participating in Nonfiction November, I wrote only one book review – on The Re-Origin of Species.

Reading this coming week

Currently Reading

Completed last week


Finished the first Harry Dresden book for my Dresden Group Read. And listened to Einstein’s Cosmos, by Michio Kaku.



No Country for Old Men and I Am Number Four were Audible Daily Deals. All that Remains is an ARC from Edelweiss. Influenza I accidentally requested from both Edelweiss and NetGalley, and got approved on the same day. lol Overstory, Vaccine Race, and American Eden are all award nominees that I plan on reading soon.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Update 39

  1. Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. Hopefully you are past the worst of it.

    Re – origin of the species sounds fascinating. I guess eventually they will be bringing back extinct species. The world is changing so quickly.


    1. It seems I didn’t feel well throughout my entire pregnancy, but now I am feeling fantastic. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully things will continue in that vein.

      I agree that the world is changing fast. I had no idea people were really trying to clone dinosaurs! That seems like a bad idea. But I guess they’re really trying to make mini-dinosaurs for pets, so maybe they’ll be fairly tame creatures. *shrug


  2. I’m glad you came through that as well as you have. And look at all the good reading you’ve surrounded yourself with!


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