Weekly Update 44


Good news! After 2.5 days of induction, my baby (IL) was born on 12/7/2018. Baby and mother are healthy and well. IL is a sweet baby who rarely cries and is quite cheerful either being held or hanging out in his pack and play. So far, anyway. Never know what will happen when he grows older, lol. D and M are enjoying their new baby brother, and Aaron and his mom have been so helpful to me.


IL did have high bilirubin levels at first, and got to spend a day and a half in a tanning bed, due to an AB O incompatibility. (In other words, I’m an O, and my body produced antibodies against his blood cells because he’s a B.)


I was discharged from the Mother Baby program for people with bipolar disorder already because I have had no symptoms of post-partum depression, anxiety, or psychosis. I can always go back if I DO have symptoms, but if I don’t need that level of care, the 5 hours a day 4 days a week was only causing more stress than it was solving. So, yay! more free-time than I expected in the first four weeks after IL’s birth. I look forward to at least some time to read.

On the blog

Believe it or not, nothing has happened on my blog for two weeks! I do have several reviews that I need to catch up on – most notably last month’s Dresden Files Group Read post. I’ll get that up tomorrow, promise!

Reading this week

Nothing new.

Completed in the past two weeks

Despite good intentions of listening to Sense and Sensibility while being induced, I was too distracted to do so. I did get some Haunting of Hillhouse watched, though. 🙂 Aaron and I are about half way through now.





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