Dresden Files Group Read

I know this is late notice, but I have decided to read all the Dresden Files books in a little over a year. There are currently 15 of them. I will start with Storm Front in November. If anyone wants to join this project, let me know in the comments. This can be an informal event where I post a linky for people’s reviews, and you can read at your own pace – or pick up in the middle of the series if you wish.

7 thoughts on “Dresden Files Group Read

    1. Seems to me like you’re pretty much doing three right now. You’ve got your year-long one, the meme on Fridays, and Nonfiction November. 😉 Yes, I am possibly taking on a bit much for next year – though the classics club wants to help out a lot with the Shakespeare one, so I may only have to mainly focus on the Dresden Files one.


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