Weekly Update Week 46

Off the Blog

Well, I have more pictures of my family with the baby. Here is my nephew B with IL.


And my nephew J with IL.


A lot happened this week. First of all, IL was diagnosed as with hypothyroidism. We don’t know yet how bad the situation is, but we have to grind up some Thyroid Hormone replacement and put it in his formula. It has given him diarrhea and keeps him awake all night. 😦 However, we think the side effects are well worth saving him from the intellectual harm that could be caused by the hypothyroidism in the long run. Hopefully he’s catching up on sleep during the day (and we’re switching to giving the med during the day, so we can sleep at night). And hopefully the diarrhea is only a temporary problem. Here is a picture of Aaron and IL after a long night of staying awake.


On top of all that, my sister and nephew J “saved” a tame cat that had been out in the Minnesota cold on Christmas. Since they have two pitt bulls, I took the cat to my parent’s house, where they need a cat to scare off the mice. I put up a post in a few places, and found the owner, though, so my parents still don’t have a mouser. 🙂


Exercise and Weight Loss

This month I was told to take it easy with the exercise, so I have only been doing a little bit of mall walking with my mom. And a really small mall at that. I plan on doing a more rigorous exercise routine starting January. I am hoping to get down to 160 lbs before the end of this year, and down to 140 by the end of the following year. That may be asking too much, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Here’s a graph of my weight loss so far since the baby was born. The peak is, of course, my peak weight during the pregnancy:


Not too shabby, eh? Of course, most of that is the weight of the baby, plus some water, lol. I’ll keep you updated with a monthly graph of my progress – assuming there is progress!

Reading and Watching this Upcoming Week

Currently Reading

Still working on The Vaccine Race, The Scarlet Letter, and moved on to Grave Peril – the third book in the Dresden Files (for my Dresden Files Group Read). In January for the 2019 Year of Shakespeare I’m going to read Twelfth Night. So I’ve decided to watch the movies available on Amazon. This is the first I started. 🙂

Completed This Week


Finished Fool Moon, the second book in the Dresden Files.

Acquired This Week


Here are my Christmas presents this year. I’m pretty excited about all of them.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update Week 46

  1. I am so to hear about IL’s medical issue. I hope that all will be OK. The pictures are very cute. Congratulations on your success with the weight loss. I struggle with weight myself. It is always a challenge,


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