2019 Year of Shakespeare

Year of Shakespeare

Well, 2019 has come and I am excited to be hosting The 2019 Year of Shakespeare with Erica at The Broken Spine. We will be covering:

January – April Comedies (hosted by me)

May – August Histories (hosted by me)

September – Dececember Tragedies (hosted by Erica)

This will be a very informal Shakespeare read. You can read (or watch) any Shakespeare play within the month’s category. Erica or I will post a intro post at the beginning of the trimester on which you can put links to your reviews in the comments. Please put your reviews in the comments section of THIS post. Have fun everyone!

33 thoughts on “2019 Year of Shakespeare

    1. I only vaguely recall that one. I hope you enjoy it! I guess I’m rereading only my favorites right now. Though I must admit to not liking Merchant of Venice half as much this time around! So anti-Semitic!


      1. Rachel, I’m going to read The Gap in Time, the retelling of The Winter’s Tale by Jeanette Winterson. And when I read King Lear later in the year, I plan to read Jane Smiley’s, A Thousand Acres.


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