Update Week 48

Sunday was M’s first chess lesson, and he really enjoyed them. Since then, I’ve been letting him do chess puzzles on my phone (hopefully we can transfer to my Nook as soon as I can get the app on it) when he’s out of screen-time. I figure it’s still a screen (incentive) but he’s doing something productive (learning chess). Later that day, I took him to Into the Spiderverse, which was fantastic. I really suggest it to anybody who likes comics.

Tuesday, I had a couple of appointments, AND I cleaned the horrendous mouse-nest out of my parents kitchen. I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten since I’d moved out. Since then, the cat has apparently been catching about three mice a day, so hopefully their mouse problem will be at an end soon. If they just go away, then they won’t have to deal with the cat, right? 🙂

Anyway, the week was a series of appointments scattered around, with me trying to eek out some reading time as well as some time to do the necessary things of life. During some of my me time, I managed to finish The Hate U Give (movie), which was also fantastic. The ending was a bit different than in the book, but not different enough to change the basic spirit. Yesterday, Aaron took M snow tubing, paid for the entrance, and then M refused to even try. 😦 Aaron was pretty upset.

My mom got an a “walking EEG” which means she was all wired up but still able to move around freely. We’ll see if she’s been suffering any petit mal seizures. Those could have an effect on her memory. Also, D finally got her autism assessment. I still don’t think she has autism, and I think everyone else now agrees with me, too. But the assessor said that he’d have some interesting information regardless.

Planned for the weekend: today, D will cook us dinner. Which means that Aaron and I will spend the entire afternoon helping her cook dinner. We have decided I’ll take the make-the-shopping-list and the shopping part and he can take the cooking part. That will make accomplishing all the important things we have to do this weekend very difficult. Tomorrow, I will have a “girl’s day” with D and niece L. I’m also inviting my friend Liz, because I was already supposed to hang out with her when my sister suddenly sprung girl’s night on me. (She was planning on taking M and nephew B out for boy’s night, and L assumed I’d do the same with her and D.) I’m thinking we’ll do something craftsy. Maybe teach them to crochet? Can you teach a precocious 3yo to crochet? I don’t know how to crochet either, but Liz does.

P.S. M tells me that staring at a screen will rot my brain. I’m trying to explain the difference between doing something productive like composing a blog post and watching TV. He doesn’t believe me.

Reading this upcoming week

currently reading

This week, I hope to finish and review The Merchant of Venice (coming up on Tuesday). I’m starting The Ruins of Gorlan as a part of a year-long read of Ranger’s Apprentice series with a couple of friends. And I’m FINALLY listening to Overstory.

Completed this week


I finished two books this week: The Scarlet Letter and The One and Only Ivan. I watched three movies: Into the Spiderverse, The Hate U Give, and another version of Twelfth Night. All three were really good, though I preferred the other version of Twelfth Night that I watched a week or two ago.



Since I plan on reading these books soon, I broke down and ordered them on audible. It was one of those days when I wanted to start something light – then I went ahead and started Overstory anyway. lol

7 thoughts on “Update Week 48

    1. Lol, well, I think my cats kept the mice at bay when I was living with my parents, but I never saw any of these actually catch one. Isshe, my parents’ cat, is another story. She catches a few a day. I’m not sure why they’re even still around!


    1. D, my 9 yo cooks dinner. We should try to get M, my 6yo to cook, because he’s the one who needs feeding therapy. But it’s hard to get him to cook and not have D get upset that she’s not participating. And there would be too many cooks in the kitchen if they were both cooking!

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    1. I haven’t started the Magisterium series, but really enjoyed the first of the Ranger’s Apprentice series. 😀 Since I’m going to try to focus on reading a lot of the books I already own this year, maybe I’ll get to Magisterium soonish?


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