Update Week 50




Hey all! It’s been a while. I’ve just been too busy to have time to sit down to the computer, though I have lots of reviews to write, including two Shakespeare comedies. Yesterday, IL was baptized. There’s the lovely baptismal gown in the first picture. The second picture has (from left to right) Deacon Mark, Aaron (father), Nathan (Godfather), Me and IL, my dad, D, Liz (Godmother), M, and my mom. It was a beautiful ceremony.

We also learned to crochet since my last update.



The top picture is L and my friend Liz. The bottom is D (with Aaron playing on his phone in the background). Since then, Aaron has decided to teach himself to crochet. He’s already better at it than I am.

Since I last wrote, we also started feeding therapy with M. They gave a lot of suggestions for how to change our current routine. I will have to re-read the suggestions, but for now the most important are that we keep meal-time down to a certain amount of time, to get him into the habit of filling up his stomach during that time. Then he can’t eat until the kitchen is “open” again. We eat as a family, and all eat the same thing. We decided to allow dessert regardless of whether he eats anything at all, because we don’t want dinner to seem like something he suffers through in order to earn a prize. We also don’t want his reward centers in his brain to think snacks are more awesome than they really are. We are rotating who in the family chooses the dessert, so that he is introduced to new desserts. He gets 3 meals and two small snacks a day. Before he gets his second snack for the day, he gets a taste-testing where we expose him to a food that he may not want to eat and explore it through our various senses. I’m not sure I’m going to pull that playful exploration off as well as the occupational therapist and nutritionist. But we’ll see. I’ll let you know if he gains any weight.

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