Update Week 51


Hi All! I had no new pictures to use as a topper for this update, so I am using an old picture of Othello, who crossed over to the great baby-bunny hell several years ago. (She was hell on earth to baby bunnies. I think that was her undoing. I think she finally died of feline tularemia from eating infected bunnies. It was going around Minnesota at the time. But while alive, she kept our yard well rid of the pests.)

This past week was the POLAR VORTEX. Yup. It was cold outside. D and M were home all week until Friday, and since we had just started new feeding therapy rules with M (no screens unless you earn it by eating your “power portion”) it was a stressful four days. I spent most of my time thinking up healthy meals for the kids with food that we already had in the house (My shopping hadn’t included Polar Vortex Holiday meal plans, and I wasn’t going out in THAT weather to get some new food!), monitoring the kids for a half hour every meal and 15 minutes every snack because of the “open / closed” kitchen rule, and trying to encourage M and D to entertain themselves instead of using me as a personal entertainment system. Yes, I’m willing to play games sometimes. But whining “nobody wants to play with meeeeeeee” over and over doesn’t make me want to play. lol

Last night, today, and tonight, I’m all alone with IL. D has some treasured alone time with her mom. Aaron and M are at Cub Scout Camp. My plan was to do all sorts of useful stuff that I couldn’t get done over the Polar Vortex Holiday. The house is figuratively trashed. (I had to imagine what a literally trashed house would look like for a moment there….hee hee) But I MAY end up taking the time to read and enjoy the quiet since everyone else is doing something fun and special.


I downloaded the Walk to Mordor App this week (available on iOS and Android). It lacks bells and whistles, but it has lovely goals along the way. Right now, I’m on my way to my encounter with the Black Riders. In case you’re wondering, the app designers decided it’s 1927 miles to Mordor from Bag End – at least the path that Frodo followed. Eventually, I want to do some real hiking to get some miles packed in, but for now, I’m stuck with a small car that won’t fit the stroller and a baby who refuses to be carried in one of those front carriers. When he’s big enough, hopefully he’ll agree to be carried in a hiking backpack. That’s not quite as tight as the front carrier for younger babies. I have made 10 miles since Thursday (by a 2000 steps per mile conversion). Which, according to my calorie-counting app tells me I’m low-active. That is: Polar Vortex active.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I may try to cram in some reading time this weekend – hopefully pumping through The Walking Dead before I need to return it to the library and wait another 4 months to get through the queue again. I’m really reading Gulliver’s Travels this time. I have told you I was was going to for a while, but have failed to actually follow through. (For one reason or another.) But this time I’m already a few hours in.



I’ve already finished the next Dresden book, even though the goal was one a month. I just needed some light reading after The Overstory. The Ranger’s Apprentice is another series I plan on completing this year, at the rate of about one per month. The first was excellent.

7 thoughts on “Update Week 51

  1. I hope you do take advantage of the opportunity to read and enjoy the quiet.

    That Walk Into Modor app sounds awesome! I wish I’d had that when I still in L.A., hiking every weekend. Ooo and that 9 months in 2012-2013 when I was laid off and out on urban adventures every day with my friends, clocking 12 or more miles every day. These days I only walk from one end of the hall to the other. LOL

    Have a great weekend!


      1. So true. I’d have to say, other than the immense fear of running out of money and being homeless, it was the best time of my life. I went on fun adventures with my friends practically every day. (One friend was also unemployed and the other early-retirement high school teacher).


    1. Hi Brian! I’m way behind on my reviews (just as I am way behind on my comments). 🙂 I’m working on it! I am doing my best to catch up, and hopefully I’ll review Gulliver’s travels sometime soon.


    1. Certainly wasn’t. 🙂 Glad that’s over for the year. Minnesota is expecting another big winter storm this weekend – but somehow I’d rather snow than that cold, cold weather. Perhaps that’s because my husband cleans it off the driveway, and I don’t have to worry about it. 🙂


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