Update Week 53


IL is bundled up…


M is reading his Dogman books. Yes, I had to zoom in on him when he was unaware, so it could have been better lighting. πŸ™‚


Aaron watching The Two Towers with IL sleeping.

I couldn’t decide which of these three pictures to use as a topper, so I decided on all of them.Β The last couple of weeks have gone well, though not much has happened worth mentioning. Last night, I had a Librarything meetup with an internet friend coming in from Chicago. We went to Surly Brewery for dinner.



That’s us at the Brewery.

This weekend, Aaron and I will spend doing so much paperwork…so much. And the following week should be quiet. Looking forward to getting some reading and housework done.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading



I finished two audiobooks over the last two weeks…both very good. I also finished reading The Tail of Emily Windsnap to D.

3 thoughts on “Update Week 53

  1. Wondeful pictures. It is good to see that the kids are doing well. I am also doing s lot of paper work type stuff this weekend. It is not the most pleasant stuff to be doing 😦


  2. Um, IL? I need an adult-size version of that plaid (?) checked (?) blankie you’re bundled in!!! That looks so soft and cozy! Why do babies get all the cute stuff and super soft stuff? LOL


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