Update August 8, 2019

Real Life

Hey everyone! I bet you thought I wasn’t going to come back so quickly. This week has gone pretty well. Saturday, my friend Liz came over and she, Aaron, and I played Episode 1 of Earth Break. It is an escape-room-like puzzle that comes in 5 episodes. You order the set, and they send you one box of clues per month. Episode 1 was fun – there was a lot of detail in the world. However, the puzzle was rather easy to solve, and probably not worth $26. We’re hoping the rest of the puzzles get harder as the game progresses.

Sunday, my dad came over to sit with the kids while Aaron and I did some housework/yardwork. It was so nice to get stuff done. If he keeps doing that regularly, I may have more time for reading and blogging. 🙂 Even better, I paid M $3 to keep IL occupied on Monday while D an I got even more cleaning done. So much so, that if she asks to earn more cash through jobs today, I won’t have much to tell her to do. (There’s always her room.)

Wednesday I had an appointment with mom’s cardiologist. She’s in the position now where she should be on a blood thinner because of her atrial fibrillation (or she risks stroke), but she needs to be off blood thinners because of her amyloid angiopathy (or she risks brain bleed). So she’s going to get a procedure to put in a Watchman Device, which will stop risk of stroke due to atrial fibrillation. Yay for solutions.

D is high anxiety lately. 😐 Plus, she’s taking a writing class online right now, and I have had another opportunity to compare her writing to others her age. She is undoubtedly way behind. Despite what the teacher said last year about “she just needs to practice more” I still think she has dysgraphia. We worked so hard to advocate for an IEP and met so much resistance from the school last year. My new job has a free special education advocacy consultation, so I will call them up and see what kinds of help they can give.

I tried feeding IL a pickle, and he liked it:

And here’s a good one of M slaying a dragon:

I didn’t get any attractive pictures of D this week. But here’s one from May. She’s weeding with energy:

Currently Reading

I am trying to locate my copy of Beloved, by Toni Morrison.

6 thoughts on “Update August 8, 2019

  1. I hope that your mother is OK and the medical solutions work out as efficacious and side effect free as possible.

    I really must jump into some of these escape room activities. They seem so much fun.

    It is really a good thing to get things done around the house. I know the frustration that no progress causes.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Brian! I’m sure my mom will be fine for the time-being. It didn’t seem to be a rush to get the Watchman Device.

      The escape room activities are a lot of fun. I think there are several mystery subscriptions out there to choose from. 🙂

      You have a great day too!


  2. It’s good to see you back, even if intermittently. Such is life. I’ve never heard of a Watchman device, but yay for your mom. I had to Google dysgraphia; hopefully your daughter can get help from advocacy group.


  3. I didn’t mean the comment “such is life” to sound so flippant. I meant to write “such is life sometimes” as that sometimes we have to go with where we are. Regardless, it’s still good to see you here from time to time.


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