Update October 26, 2019


Well, it’s fall, and time to rake up the leaves! Our whole family got out there today to make a gigantic pile, which the kids then played in. This is IL’s first fall! He’s taken 4 steps in succession, now, so I guess he’s really going to walk soon. Someday. Lol.

M is doing well. He’s been cheerful lately, and he enjoyed jumping in the leaves. D is also doing well. Unfortunately, we are unable to check for dysgraphia since they decided it’s “all anxiety.” So we’ll just have to work on a tutor for her writing.

And, of course, Aaron and I are doing well. Except that I had an awful cold and didn’t get to take advantage of my “recharge weekend,” which means no readathon this month. 😦 There’s always next month!

Tonight, we’re all going to carve pumpkins. I’ll post pictures next week.

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4 thoughts on “Update October 26, 2019

  1. Your little boy is adorable! We don’t have many trees in Florida that have leaves that change colors and I miss that. I loved Room, I hope you do too.


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