Update November 9, 2019

This has been a pretty uneventful week. In fact, yesterday I took these pictures of the family specifically because I had nothing new for the blog. 🤪 Of course, the first is of M and me. He actually sat by me of his own accord. I don’t recall him ever doing that in the past. (I met him when he was 5, and he was a little skeptical of the stepmom thing.) The second picture is Aaron and D, followed by a picture of IL.

I did get a lot of audiobook listening in last week, as well as more than usual reading. (I decided it’s not “cheating” to use some of the baby’s nap-time for reading. He takes two naps, so I can always do some cleaning during the other nap.)

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

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Just The Dark Fantastic (shown above) from the library.


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6 thoughts on “Update November 9, 2019

  1. It looks like you are listening to some very interesting and worthwhile books. I read Oliver Twist for the first time myself wishing the last couple of years and I thought that it was fantastic.


    1. Hi Brian! I enjoyed Oliver Twist quite a bit, though I can’t say it was my favorite Dickens. I’d have to think about what was, though. lol. Perhaps Hard Times? Great Expectations? I really should read all of his books someday.


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