Update April 10, 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely couple of weeks! I’m finally starting to get back on track with the pandemic. I’m hoping this weekend (or immediately after Easter) I’ll be able to catch up on comments and your blogs! Here’s a picture of the kids homeschooling. I’ve finally gotten to pace with this. I had a cold for a few days last week, and M only PRETENDED to log on and do his work! So I spent this week playing catch-up. He’s really excited to be all caught up and to have shorter days going forward. Homeschooling was a bit of a pain at first because M required constant vigilance, but he’s actually starting to learn to be more independent now. Today I was able to fold and put away laundry while he was working!

I’m afraid I was naughty and took the kids to the playground right before Minnesota got it’s shelter-at-home order. I got scolded by my Facebook friends, but the kids (and my dad) really enjoyed themselves and I don’t regret living dangerously.

This is from my ER visit. Took a picture because I’d never been all alone in an ER before. How lonely! They don’t even let you have visitors! Though I understand why. I was in the ER because of my gallbladder, though, not anything to do with the pandemic. I still have the gallbladder, and it has subsequently stopped bothering me, so I’m not too worried about it.

IL has learned to get past all three of our baby gates, so Aaron and I will be doing a massive overhaul of upstairs of the house this weekend to get it ready for an enterprising (and very strong) toddler. The kids will be seeing their mom on Saturday, which excites them. Then we’ll be having dinner with my parents on Easter. Yes, we’re supposed to stay away from “large” groups, but I figure since we’re all part of the same infection circle, there’s no harm. I’m taking care of my parents, as usual, so they’re already exposed to me and the kids.

I completed two books in the last two weeks. Yay! Goodbye reading slump! Both were good books, though I rather enjoyed Five Midnights better. I will try to get reviews out this week.

Currently listening to Tuesdays at the Castle for D and M’s virtual book club with their cousins. And I’m reading Wolf Hall and Sorcerer of the North.

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