Update April 24, 2020

Hi Everyone! Thanks to everyone who’s still stopping by my blog despite my absence from the comments section and other blogs. I really hope that this week will be different, and I’ll get around to everyone! I hope everyone who celebrates had a good Easter. This is my favorite picture from Easter – with IL stealing some of D’s candy. She never knew the difference. Easter was fantastic. We searched for eggs in the basement, painted eggs, ate candy, and had a delicious ham dinner. It snowed on Easter, so D made a snowman.

The next Sunday, we had our (hopefully traditional) family game day. Here, we’re pictured playing Settlers of Catan. I won. But that’s because M let me – Aaron was going to win on his next turn, anyway.

The weather has taken a turn for the better, and we’re so excited for the quarantine to end so that we can go to the playground again! Look at him walking around outside in short sleeves and bare feet!

4 thoughts on “Update April 24, 2020

    1. Yeah, we’ll see how much reading I get done. Right now, I only plan on taking one class at a time, which MAY leave time for reading – except that I plan on doing scrapbooking with the kids this summer because all their activities have been canceled.


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