Update April 9, 2021

Well, this post isn’t too far from the last post, but I thought I’d get back on my Friday post schedule.

We had big news: our offer was accepted on a house! It was in the same school district as our current house, so the kids would have been able to visit their friends. We really lucked out. But, alas, we had to fail it on the inspection. It had a furnace that didn’t quite work, multiple plumbing leaks, a small gas leak, and the water softener and water heater were mysteriously turned off for the inspection, despite the house being occupied. If they found that much wrong, what didn’t they find?

I already started packing, and I’ll continue for the sake of decluttering for house viewings, as we will be unable to accept the house-flipper’s offer (it expires in 6 days).

On Wednesday, I bought a new dishwasher, since our dishwasher broke right after we signed the agreement with the house-flipper. Aaron tried installing it, and after a close call with electrocution (thank goodness for rubber handles on wire cutters) and a minor flood, we had a dishwasher that worked as long as we were running the garbage disposal at the same time.

I wrote 1 pen pal letter, to a friend in Belgium. And I got my hair in a pony tail for the first time since shaving my head!

As for exercising, I made a 27 week daily plan on training first for my 5 k with Zombies, Run! and then for a walking marathon. The first several weeks looks like this:

The Zombies, Run! 5k training is 8 weeks long, 3 workouts a week. WK1, etc., is the week and WO1, etc., is the workout number. 5/16 is the official start date of my walking marathon training. The plan is really ambitious, so I’m not entirely certain I have made the right plan, especially since there is no plan for my upper body and abdomen. But I’ll figure out what I’m capable of with time.

As for walking to Mordor, I made it to Tookland since my last post.

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