Update April 16, 2021

Hi all! Hope you had a good week! Ours was very busy. But First:

Reading life

Aaron, Deirdre, and I finished Sword of Summer, by Rick Riordan. It’s the first in his Magnus Chase series about a teen who discovers he’s the son of Norse god Frey. It’s in some ways just a retelling of Percy Jackson – Riordan has a bit of a formula it seems, but it works. We enjoyed it.

Personal life

Well, we decided to get that house after all. Our realtor pointed out that all the problems were indicated as “minor.” She also pointed out that we could get a maintenance plan which would cover appliance problems (after, presumably, a certain amount of time has passed since initiation of the plan). Our closing date for our current house is May 3rd, and for the new house is May 19th. So we’ll have a period of time in an extended stay hotel.

We were going to house the cats at my dad’s house, but my nephew J17 stole the door to the room we were going to put the cats into, and sawed a chunk off. Getting a new door and putting it on is another to-do this week!

D11 is doing a fantastic job of purging her room. She’s even excited about it! M8 is less excited, but worked hard on it with Deirdre’s help. I’ve been busy making calls, reservations, etc. I’m very much concerned we aren’t going to be packed on time, but luckily Aaron’s mom is coming to visit, and she’ll be able to watch Loki during the day so I can pack during the week.

Even with all that going on, I wrote letters to pen pals in Ontario, Western Australia, Pennsylvania, and Washington State. And I still have 3 more to write!

Aaron talked me out of starting my exercise routine until we are done packing. I am a little heart-broken about that. I really wanted to start. And it feels like there’s always a reason not to start. Regardless, I lost 6.2 pounds this week just from dieting. My goal is 1 pound per week, but the first week of a diet always makes me drop a good 5 pounds in water weight.

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