Update July 28, 2022


This week started out a bit slow. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was just not in a productive mood, though I was pretty busy Saturday, anyway. I went with a client to her church. It was a nice service, but then when I walked out and checked the news on my phone, I found an article about how I was going to Hell for playing D&D. It’s a little creepy.

Another thing going on that made my productivity (and reading) decrease is that I was searching for a group of people to play D&D with live. I thought it was a good way for Aaron and me to take time together without having to hire a babysitter. So I have been very immersed in that project. I did end up finding a group that I’m happy with by looking on a Discord channel for people looking for a D&D group. I not only found an awesome group there, but I found a DM who seems pretty awesome. Our game will have a Norse setting, and my character is a frost giant.

Also on Sunday, Aaron took D12 up to horse camp. She took some time to settle in, but we think she’s enjoying herself now. 😊

Monday, M10 had his audition for his week-long acting experience. The play is Robinhood, and he is a sheriff’s deputy. He was a little disappointed not to get a lead role.

So…I’m supposed to get my pulse up to 106 for an hour each day, but my dad, who knows I need to exercise more gets pissed off that I’ll exercise instead of walking with him. It hurts my feelings to have him pissed off, especially since I know that he wants me along so he can go in less populated areas without worry of falling and hurting himself in isolation. But he walks super slow, and takes breaks every 5 minutes. I can’t get my pulse up to 106 when I’m with him, and don’t have time to do both. But my client had an excellent idea: I wear weights when I walk with dad, then my pulse will go up. Of course, then my dad wants me to wear a backpack with lunch and water in it, which isn’t enough weight, so he’s annoyed at me anyway. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

As of today, I have lost 9lbs so far!

Wrote letters to Louisiana & Pennsylvania.

Week’s Photos

What’s his problem with sex workers?

Games Played

In my D&D accountability group, the team of intrepid explorers – a lizard, a fairy, and two elves – are moving around in the area city of Saltmarsh. It started outside the gates of Saltmarsh, sharing a flask of whisky. My hope was that they would share the whisky with the guards and be able to swap rumors. However, one character misinterpreted and thought they were in a tavern…so suddenly they were in a tavern outside the gates. Then it became an inn. It hasn’t become a 5 star hotel yet, though!

They swapped rumors with the owner of the 5-star hotel-to-be, and I rolled a die to determine a random rumor from my book – that a troll was wandering the area. They decided that the troll was their mission despite it being a 5 difficulty, and they’re only level 1. So I introduced a frost giant berserker NPC to travel with them and try to tell them when a mistake will be made, so I don’t TPK them.

However, immediately one of the characters (fairy) insulted my berserker, and she threw an axe at them. There was a lot of back and forth because neither the fairy nor the frost giant would back down. But luckily the frost giant is mercurial in mood and loves a good insult. So as soon as there was a good one, she laughed off the whole incident.

Actually, my frost giant NPC is my character that I made for my live D&D campaign, which will start next Saturday.

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