Update August 4, 2022


Thursday, M10 got some bad news. He dropped 1.5 pounds! So he’s not at his goal weight after all. ☹️

Friday, I met with my dietician and got to tell her I’ve been losing weight. Yay! She was very affirming. Unlike my physical therapist! My dietician asked me how physical therapy was going and I explained how the PT told me to workout 5-7 times a week, and that working out longer on other days didn’t replace lost days, and she knows how I feel pressed for time, but I simply have to make time. It made me feel so unmotivated not to be congratulated for getting up to 3-4 times a week, and so I stopped working out altogether. I mean 0 to 3-4 is a huge improvement! That deserves a little happy dance.

The dietician told me that if 3-4 days a week is what I could honestly handle right now, just maintain that, and increase when I can (which I said will probably be when the kids start school). That made me feel so much better. I think I will quit bariatric PT, or switch to a different therapist. I guess I just need more positive, affirming guidance than that one is willing to give.

D12 got back from horse camp Friday, which she noncommittally enjoyed and maybe would do again. She apparently had a lot of anxiety attacks, as well as a girl she didn’t get along with. She had two counselors, and one of them railed into her on the comment sheet.

There was a huge space for good comments and a tiny space for room for problems. She wrote one vague comment in huge print in the good section. Then she wrote a whole bunch of criticisms in small print in the problems section. The other counselor (we’ll call her B) softened the blow a bit. So I say to D12, “wow, you got along with B better than A, didn’t you?” D12 said “Actually, it was the other way around.”

So. Seriously…Counselor A apparently really didn’t like D12. But D12 had no clue. She was a bit floored when I showed her what had been written. I told D12 that if this woman is not going to clearly set boundaries with D12 and tell her that she disapproved of D12’s behavior, then it was her problem and not D12’s.

I’m not usually a “the problem is with them and not us” sort of person. (At least, I don’t think I am.) I like to see how our own actions impact a situation. But. How does counselor A expect us to address issues that D12 doesn’t remember? She needs to tell D12 that she’s misbehaving in order to expect correction of behavior. 🤷‍♀️

Also on Friday, D12, M10, and I made our characters for D&D. (Yes, I now have 3 D&D campaigns going on. I guess I’m an all-in sort of person right now. D12 is a butterfly fairy, M10 is a dragonborn, and I am a water genesai.

Saturday, M10 had his play – Robin Hood. He did a great job. I really like this theater company.

Also on Saturday, Aaron and I had our first adult D&D session with our new group. It lasted 5.5 hours 😱, but otherwise was pretty amazing. The DM homebrewed it all up for us, and we went out and fought some ogres.

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