Update October 15, 2022


Saturday was a busier day than usual. My client’s other PCA has COVID, so I picked up a few extra shifts this week. That meant I spent a good chunk of the day working rather than playing D&D as I usually do. Apparently Aaron almost killed my character.

Sunday, I had bookclub lunch with my friend. We discussed Cemetery Boys, by Aiden Thomas. Then Aaron, the kids, and I had a fire and s’mores, followed by another shift I’d picked up.

Monday, IL3 was sick with a 102F fever and a cough (negative for COVID, but I owe him ice cream because he let me swab his nose). Luckily, Aaron was home half the day, so I got to leave IL3 with Aaron, while I had a nice lunch with my friend Todd.

Tuesday, IL3 still had a fever, and I spent some relaxing time with him during the day. Based on my productivity stats, which quantify the number of “life,” “body,” “spirit,” and “mind” tasks I complete per day, it was my most productive day in a long time. So maybe I didn’t relax as much as I thought, lol.

Wednesday, I was again home with IL3, but I was drowsy and decided I didn’t need two productive days in a row. I did some reading. And I finally got that stupid heart monitor off, so I got to have a real bath for the first time in two weeks.

Thursday M10 had an appointment with his feeding therapist. He chose 3 foods to try next time: cheddar cheese on hard shell taco, vanilla ice cream, and processed American cheese product. To earn his reward, he needs to take 3 bites of each. D12 got her bivalent booster.

Friday, I found out IL3, who is still learning to speak, knows the name of a triceratops and a velociraptor, but thinks a brachiosaurus is a giraffe.


  • 1 letter Texas
  • 1 letter Mexico
  • 1 letter France
  • 1 letter Washington
  • 1 letter Ohio Department of Corrections

Week’s Photos

Media In Progress

Format: audiobook, 2% – 32%
Format: ebook, 0% – 15%
Format: Podcast, Episode BONUS 1 (2021)
Format: Audio lectures, Lectures 1 – 3
Format: Audio lectures, Lecture 1


The Glow Show, Susi Schaefer

Quarterly goals

New books

Source: NetGalley, Format: ebook
Source: NetGalley, Format: audiobook
Source: NetGalley, Format: audiobook
Source: NetGalley, Format: audiobook

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