Update October 22, 2022


Saturday I spent 4 hours playing D&D while simultaneously watching IL3. M10 and Aaron were camping, and D12 was at her mom’s. Dad, IL3, and I went out to Olive Garden for dinner. Good day!

Monday and Tuesday weren’t high motivation days. I was distracted by several things, including a cold, and the worrisome health of the kid’s grandfather. Also, IL3 refused to go to school. He struggled so much that we were unable to get him dressed. The first day, we thought it was a one off. Tuesday, I asked him what was bothering him, and he said that a monster had jumped out at him, and he was scared. With much negotiation, I managed to get him dressed and to the school. He couldn’t point out what was upsetting him, but he was clearly upset, even though I’d told him I wouldn’t leave him there.

Wednesday, I took him to school again with much negotiation, and he agreed to stay there for two hours. I was very proud of him, and he dealt well with his time there.

Thursday, IL3 refused to go to school again. I couldn’t get him there at all because they didn’t want me to take him in the afternoon, and I was too busy in the morning. I took hom to the park for 3 hours, and then played D&D with the kids for a couple of hours.

Friday, after speech therapy, I managed to convince him to stay at school all day if I took him back to the park on Saturday. Then Aaron, D12, IL3, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate.


  • 1 letter North Carolina
  • 1 letter Massachusetts
  • 1 letter Minnesota
  • 1 letter Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Ohio
  • 1 letter Louisiana
  • 1 letter Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Week’s Photos

Media Partaken in

Format: Podcast, Completed: Bonus episode 1 (2021), Start Here (2021), Day 1 (2021)
Format: Audiobook, Completed: Hour 4 – 13.
Format: ebook, Completed: 15% – 25%

New Books

Source: NetGalley, Format: ebook

Movies / shows watched

Supernatural Season 12, episodes 22-23
Supernatural Season 13, episodes 1-3

15 thoughts on “Update October 22, 2022

  1. I could never be a parent. All the calm, sensible parents think “Oh it was just someone in a costume or a lawn ornament” and my paranoid mind goes immediately to some evil child abuser running the classroom.

    Even though I’ve never played D&D, it sounds like a TOTALLY FUN day to me, playing that and then going out to eat.


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