Update November 5, 2022


Tuesday I was busy with appointments and IL3’s swim lessons.

Wednesday, I had 6 appointments! IL3 started his occupational therapy, and we had 3 parent teacher conferences for two kids. M10 was grounded for the first time ever – he keeps taking his school iPad downstairs and staying up all night, and we’re having trouble remembering to confiscate it before bed. So Wednesday, he was grounded. He’s SO angry. On top of that, he slapped a kid at school Tuesday, and lied about it when he got home. I told him I wouldn’t punish him for the slap, but if I came home from conferences convinced he did it, his punishment would be worse. I am now convinced. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ He’s grounded until a week from Friday.

Thursday, I took IL3 in for his autism assessment. I was more worried about him at the time I made the appointment 6 months ago, now it was just a formality as his speech and social skills have exploded recently. Later, I took M10 to meet our state representative. M10 needed to meet with a government official and discuss an issue of community importance in order to meet a requirement for the Arrow of Light award in Cub Scouts. They had a good long talk about many things, most notably the representative told M10 that although he is a Democrat, he finds it important to consider the wellbeing and needs of Republicans whenever he votes.   Another important issue discussed was that (the representative said) in the US, he could grow up to be President, but that wasn’t true of many countries.

Totally bombed Friday. I had a crazy anxiety attack starting 10pm on Thursday and lasted till about 5pm Friday, when I was able to get hold of my psychiatrist who gave me excellent advice that calmed me down within 30 minutes.

On top of that, I had the Wordle down to the last 4 letters, which were incredibly distinctive, and still couldn’t get it because of my anxiety.

Also, I told M10 if he finished the book that he hadn’t started yet I would unground him for the day. He read for five and a half hours and finished the entire book in one day. He’s super motivated to not be grounded.

On top of that, I did some research trying to get my homeless nephew J18 a recruited to the military. He wants to be a sniper and “in on the action,” or “make bank” by being an electrician or mechanic. So far, I have contacted the Marines and the Air Force.


  • 1 letter Canada
  • 1 letter North Dakota
  • 1 letter Michigan
  • 1 letter Maryland Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Djibouti (Any Marine)

Week’s Photos

I lost my pedometer for a while, but hopefully I’m still on track to finish my Conqueror Challenge of Ring Road
I’m 0% Native American πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ I was always told I was part native. Besides the Melanesian, the rest is pretty much to be expected.

Media Partaken In

Format: Podcast, Episodes Intro to the Patriarchs (2021)
Format: Audiobook, 49% – 57.9%
Format ebook: 5% – 6%
Format: Audio lectures, 3 – 4
Format: Audio lectures, 4 – 7

Games Played

This was a cute version of Pictionary, but it was veeery easy. It said 10+, but really as soon as a kid can read the prompts, it’s a doable game.

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