Update November 12, 2022


Saturday, Aaron and I played D&D with my adult group. Then, I went to the mall with IL3 to meet J18. We talked about the armed forces, and he decided he wanted to be an electrician in the Air Force or Navy. IL3 and I drove around on an angry bird motorcycle at the mall. He actually drove it himself, and got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Sunday was really productive! I got lots of cleaning, reading, and writing done. I also cooked a roast and some stuffing.

Monday, I took M10 in to the doctor to check his weight. He’s maintaining!

I totally rocked Tuesday. I even worked out for an hour on the treadmill! I would like to add weight lifting to that eventually – 1 day a week for each lower body, core, and upper body. But for now, I’ll start with the treadmill. D12 had an appointment in the morning, and M10 an appointment in the afternoon, and of course I voted. I am hoping things come out ok. 😱

Wednesday was another great day, with a few hitches. 45 minutes into my treadmill exercise, the daycare called me to say IL3 had missed his bus to special education. I had to drop everything and take him. I don’t know what they said to him, but he apologized over and over for missing the bus. ☹️ I told him it wasn’t his fault. When I picked him up, I took him to occupational therapy, which he loved.

In the evening M10 had his last baseball lesson, so I signed him up for a baseball clinic since he liked it so much. Go figure. He’s always hated sports. 🤷‍♀️ I wanted to sign IL3 up for T-ball, but, alas, there’s no T-ball league around here. Instead, I signed him up for wrestling, which he’ll start tomorrow. Hopefully he likes it.

Thursday was a low motivation day. My client had had a tough night, so I hadn’t gotten enough sleep and was coming up with excuses not to exercise. At first, I told myself that dad needed out of the house, so I took him on a bunch of errands. They were definitely things that needed to be done, but they were not in my plan for the day. Then I ran out of excuses, so I went on the treadmill for an hour. Then, I sat through a 2 hour appointment with D12 while Aaron and M10 took IL3 to wrestling. Which IL3 decided he didn’t like. ☹️


  • 2 letters Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • 2 letters Virginia Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Pennsylvania
  • 1 letter Tennessee
  • 1 letter Mississippi Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Florida
  • 1 letter Texas
  • 1 letter Washington
  • 1 letter Massachusetts
  • 1 letter Virginia

Week’s Photos

This is a picture my sister took of her kids J18, B8, L7
3 unicorns

Media Partaken In

Format: Audiobook, 58% – 93%
Episodes 5-6
Episodes 6 – 13
Lectures 8 – 11
Episodes 5 – 11
Format: ebook, 25% – 45%
Episodes 3 – 4
Episode 2

2 thoughts on “Update November 12, 2022

  1. Talk to me about this roast and stuffing. Beef roast? Pork roast? What kind of stuffing does one eat with a roast? Just the same basic stuffing one would eat with turkey? Is there gravy? What time should I plan to be there?

    Well shoot! I was thinking how cute 3-yos wrestling must be so I’m sorry your kid decided it wasn’t for him.


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