Update November 19, 2022


Well, Friday was a mess. We started by getting up early to drop pink car off at the mechanic. On the way back in red car, some teenager turned left RIGHT in front of us. There was just enough time for Aaron to say “okay…” and hit the break before we slammed into them. Red car is almost certainly totalled and we are waiting for cerification of it’s death certificate before buying a nice big car that we can fit our whole household into. I wish pink car had bitten the dust, and the red car were in the mechanic, since we haven’t even paid off red car. 😱

I ended up with a banged up knee and for some unknown reason a painful tailbone. My head slapped hard into the side airbag, which almost certainly saved me from being brained. Aaron scraped his thumb. The doctor says that my knee would probably be ok in a couple of weeks, but not to be surprised if I were butt-hurt for a couple of months. It hurts to sit, and REALLY hurts during the act of standing up.

We were SO lucky…we had been going to take IL3 with us but D12 agreed to watch him while we went, because we’d get back before she went to school. So none of the kids were in the car. We called up dad, who relieved D12 of babysitting duties, so she went to school all worried about the accident, despite being told we were ok. The sad part, is Aaron was supposed to chaparone a field trip to the zoo for D12, and she had really been looking forward to it. But we decided not to have Aaron go because we didn’t know if he’d start feeling pain when the adrenaline wore off.

We couldn’t take IL3 to daycare without a car, so he stayed home for the day. Pink car was fine, though, and we got a new air filter. 🤷‍♀️

M10 left with his mom in the evening, and Aaron and I watched X-files with D12 after I cooked salmon for dinner.

Well, it’s been one week from the accident, and my first diary entry since then. My knee (which hit the dash when we crashed) is bruised, but fine. My tailbone (which is inexplicably hurt), is causing a lot of pain. Especially while driving.

Friday and Saturday night, I called out of work because I didn’t know if my knee could handle some of the tasks. However, I was able to return to work on Wednesday, and my tailbone didn’t impact it. Insurance is reimbursing 85% of the lost wages.

Tuesday, we had a minor snow storm, which our trucks were unprepared for, so the roads were horrendous. I had been supposed to drive M10 30 minutes to get a flu shot, because for some reason it is inexplicably hard to get a flu shot for someone under 12 this year. I decided not to do it, because it seemed dangerous, and now I don’t know where to get the shot. The clinic is booked out till mid-January, and none of the pharmacies close by will schedule it for someone under 12. 🤷‍♀️

On Wednesday, I had a virtual meeting with my doctor following up about my kidneys and pre-diabetes. Both are doing great. After that, I took M10 on a 30 minute drive to an appointment, and much to my horror it was horrendously painful to sit in the car that long. I subsequently cancelled all appointments for the rest of the week except the ones that were short distances. Then I broke down and bought an expensive donut pillow for my bum.

Wednesday, we had a talk with the doctor about IL3’s autism assessment. The conclusion was unsurprising: he does not have autism, but he does have a speech delay and seems to be well on his way to attention deficit with hyperactivity, though they can’t accurately diagnose that till he’s 5.

Also on Wednesday, I called up the rehab center to make a physical therapy appointment for my tailbone. I specifically asked for a pelvic floor specialist, but the referral from the day of the accident said “knee and tailbone,” so they put me in with a knee specialist. I was horrified on Thursday when I drove a painful 20 minutes for a waste-of-time appointment. The therapist told me I needed a pelvic floor specialist, which I knew, and I had to start all over with scheduling.

Also on Thursday, Aaron and I went to Toyota to test drive a Sienna. Despite calling in advance, they informed us upon arrival that we couldn’t test drive a Sienna but we could go on a 12-18 month waitlist to buy one, or buy used for an extra $15k above new price. Instead, we test drove their 7 seater SUV (I can’t remember which one, as I was distracted by my pain). That one only had a 2-month waitlist to buy at the new price, or we could buy used for a pretty penny. We left without making a decision.

Friday was a busy day, I worked till 8am, and of course Aaron had to pick me up because we have only one car. I took IL3 to speech therapy, then went shopping after dropping him off, followed by Thanksgiving lunch at his daycare (he asked me to snap a picture of him, said “cheese,” and looked away from the camera.) I then took D12 to an appointment, followed by a followup orthopedic appointment about my tailbone. I was in the car all day, and was exhausted by the pain by the end of the day.

The other major thing to happen had to do with D&D. Aaron has been feeling bullied by the DM, who is a guy I met on the internet. The guy also bullies M10, who cries every time we play. I asked the DM if he could be kinder to Aaron and M10, and he essentially answered that they deserve it. So I’m searching for a new DM. M10 needn’t be bullied by a grown-ass man.

Finally, I had a job I was looking into where they are going to pay me a week in advance as soon as I provide them with my bank account number. No interview necessary. Woo-hoo!


  • 1 letter Nevada Department of Corrections

Week’s Photos

That’s my baby blanket. IL3 loves it. 🤣😂

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12 thoughts on “Update November 19, 2022

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the car accident and your injury. I hope both issues are resolved soon.

    Sounds like you definitely need a new DM, maybe ask at a game store if you have one anywhere near you, they might be able to suggest someone.

    Wishing you a great reading week


  2. Oh no- glad you are okay! Wow, you just never know…

    And that DM sounds terrible. Good grief, it’s supposed to be FUN.

    Be well and take care this week!


  3. Jeez Gods!!!! I’m glad you guys weren’t badly injured in that wreck! Sounds like you were injured enough though. Lordy!!! I hope your insurance gets you some decent compensation.

    Sounds like replacing a car is a pain nowadays! “Back in my day” we just walked onto the lot, picked out a car, sat through a credit check and drove off in it.

    Hope you can get some relief from the pain soon!

    How cute is that little boy wrapped in a blanket???

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Ugh, I’m glad the crash wasn’t worse but it sounds bad enough. We keep talking about replacing our car but the current market is so expensive, we just keep waiting. I hope you find a reasonable replacement and some relief from your pain soon.

    I hope you find a new DM soon too. That situation sounds ridiculous!

    Cute pics! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  5. I’m so sorry you were in a car accident! Thank goodness for air bags! Although it sounds like you’ve had some lasting injuries even so. I wish you a speedy recovery and luck with getting a new vehicle. It’s not easy nowadays to get a car!


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