Update December 10, 2022


Saturday was a good day. We started by Picking up our new Toyota Highlander. We celebrated by all piling into ONE car and going to Perkins for lunch. Then, I cleaned the kitchen with M10’s help (technically it’s his weekly chore, but it was pretty bad so I helped). Afterwards, Aaron and I watched Supernatural while I sorted a month’s worth of laundry for five, which had piled up because I had been exhausted by pain from my tailbone injury.

Sunday was strangly productive despite sleeping very poorly. I got up at 4am and made some gumbo to stew in the crock pot. Then took a nap. I got up again and did my physical therapy. Then took a nap.  My client had a pot luck for her PCAs in the afternoon. Some people found the gumbo too spicy, and others too bland. Lol. One person liked it. So I have lots of leftovers, but that’s cool. I love my gumbo, and so does Aaron. I then ran some errands. I crashed hard at 6pm, and pretty much slept through till 7am.

Tuesday was stressful. I was trying to play catch-up from yesterday’s to-do list, prepare for Wednesday’s duct cleaning, and prepare for IL3’s birthday by making gift baggies for his friends at school. I also went to work for half the day. D13 is the one who reminded me that I was supposed to take IL3 to swim lessons, which were harder than normal because Aaron usually comes to help, but he was taking M10 to Cub Scouts. IL3 desperately wanted to go in the men’s room to change, and my hands were full so I literally had to drag him kicking and screaming into the family room. All this on 2.5 hours’ sleep since IL3_ refused to go to sleep till midnight saying he was scared, then had a really dramatic nightmare at 2:15.

Wednesday was so crazy busy that writing about it two days later is a blur. It was IL4’s birthday, and I had attempted to make goodie bags for his school friends, but the kit I bought was abysmal. I was committed though, so I made an order from Target for better stuff on Tuesday night. At 7:00am sharp Wednesday, I was there picking up my order.

D13’s zoom IEP meeting happened at 7:30, and IL4 needed to go to daycare at 8, so I talked about the IEP while stuffing Goodie bags. Aaron then took IL4 and the daycare goodie bags away, and I immediately started prepping for the duct cleaners to come at 8:30 (we needed to create a path to the vents in the nursery, among other things). D13 helped – she’s such a wonderful kid.

When the duct cleaners were situated, D13 had a zoom therapy session starting at 9am. At 10, I took her to school and took IL4’s goodie bags to his special education, which starts at 10:15 and has a whole different set of kids than daycare. Then I came home and paid the duct cleaners, whom I had left with dad.

After that, I ran to Burnsville to drop off a health summary form at the doctor that the preschool has lost twice, and is threatening to kick IL4 out by Friday over. I drove the opposite direction to Farmington to pick up IL4’s cake. Then an entirely new direction to take dad to his 1:30pm appointment. I ate for the first time while he was attending his appointment. THEN we went on a massive Christmas shopping trip at the Mall of America. I ended up carrying the most gigantic bag imaginable of LEGOs around the mall a couple of times, because dad insisted that LEGO Land had to be first.

Returning home, D13 had already started cutting cheese for the mac and cheese we were cooking. But I needed to wrap some presents we had bought for IL4’s birthday. D14 began cooking (under my direction) and decorating for the celebration while I wrapped and fended off M10’s begging over and over and over and over to blow up balloons despite not knowing how to tie them, dad’s hands being too shaky, and D13 and me both multitasking.

But the mac and cheese turned out wonderful, IL4 was thrilled with the cake and decorations, and M10 managed to convince us to tie off a couple of balloons. Aaron forgot IL4’s age and put 3 candles on the cake.

Thursday started out at my client’s house. I went immediately from there to the Children’s hospital in Minneapolis because D13 had a procedure. There, we discovered that the procedure was actually at the Children’s Hospital in Saint Paul. So we went there. D13 fainted and went into convulsions when they put in her IV. (The anesthesiologist informed me that they weren’t convulsions – they were a vasovagal response – but I told him it depends on your definition of “convulsion.” He then informed me it wasn’t a seizure; which I knew – because obviously it was a vasovagal response to get blood to her brain. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„)

The procedure went fine, and D13 and I came home and watched Mean Girls and Bring it On. When M10 came home from school, we all watched Brain on Fire.

Friday, I started out helping my client with a doctor’s appointment. I went from that to speech therapy for IL4, and then picked up the form from the doctor that the daycare claimed to have lost. I was so pissed at them having lost it a second time, that I had a whole speech prepared about how precious my time is and if they threatened to kick him out in another 2 months because they’ve lost the form again, bring it on. However, when I got there, the director was giving a tour to a couple. I couldn’t give my speech, but I handed her the form and sternly told her not to lose it. Afterwards, I felt bad for embarrassing her in front of her tour, so I sent her an email to apologize and explain where I was coming from. She asked me to call her, and when I did, she pointed out that my behavior was inappropriate, and I should have given her time to figure out what was going on after being gone on vacation. I felt annoyed that she didn’t admit any fault of her staff in this situation, so when I picked up IL4, I had another chat with her. I tried to tell her that I was still upset because I had admitted my fault and she had admitted no fault. She cheerfully and politely told me that she supported the cautiousness of her staff in telling me to get another form. So I still feel pissed. I owned up to my mistake, but she thinks she’s totally in the right, and that I had no reason to be angry, let alone make my anger obvious in front of that couple. It really makes me NOT regret my behavior. My time is valuable, and I really went out of my way to get that form signed again. Oh, and I forgot to mention – they DID have the form I’d given them two months ago, so the whole trip was useless. I really want to send her an email reaming her out, but it would be kicking a dead horse. She’s not going to admit fault.


  • 1 letter Virginia Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Texas
  • 1 letter Maryland
  • 1 letter Maine Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Virginia

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4 thoughts on “Update December 10, 2022

  1. Ooh congrats on the new vehicle! And Perkins! I used to love going there but the one by us went out. Boo…

    I need to go to that mall someday!!

    That Mythology course looks awesome.


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