Update December 17, 2022


I’d like to say Saturday was decompression day from the crazy end of last week. It started at work, had D&D session 0 (character creation) following that. I decided to be a Warlock Earth Genesai named Obsidian. We followed up by watching Black Panther with M10, and then going out to eat. After a short break, I went back to work. Sounds relaxing, but I was almost in tears at work from burnout.

Sunday, I postponed a movie I had planned with M10. I tried to cancel a high school play (Seussical the Musical) that I had with D13, but she didn’t get my hints, so she, IL4 and I went to a nearby high school to watch the play. IL4 was mildly well-behaved for the first 15 minutes. Then he and I stood in the lobby for 15 minutes. Then he sat in the audience for 15 minutes. After intermission, he and I hung out in the lobby for the last hour. After that, I went to bed because I was coming down with a stomach bug that Aaron had had the day before.

Monday morning, I discovered IL4 had head lice. That meant we had to keep him home. I cancelled all my plans for the day, and tried to clean up the linens. (He cosleeps with Aaron and me because we’re too lazy to fight the good fight and make him sleep in his room, which he’s afraid of.) Unfortunately, I was still feeling sick and that, plus burnout, plus lice was too much. Aaron came home early from work and helped out.

Tuesday, we sent IL4 to school, as we’d treated his head. I started running some important errands. One included shopping at Walmart, where I bought new pants since the ones I was wearing were literally sliding off so that I had to hold them with one hand. Then the preschool called me and said I needed to pick up IL4 because he still had live crawlers on his head. I rushed over there and got him, and tried taking him on my errands – but failed. We went to the post office, where I had something important to do, but IL4 kept wanting to run off in other directions, so I had to hold him. With one hand holding the mail and the other holding IL4, I had to cross my legs to keep my pants from falling off. Aaron also came home early that day and ran the rest of my important errands.

Tuesday night, D13 and I attended her first touring production – Les Miserables. They did a superb job, and she LOVED it. She also learned a valuable lesson about chugging water before a play where there will be a toilet line longer than intermission. lol

Wednesday was hard. It started with an entire jug of spilled milk concurrent with IL4 tp’ing the bathroom. I then dealt with spilled Mountain Dew, spilled sprite, spilled coffee, and water splashed all over. On the few times I was able to sit, IL4 would be jumping up and down on top of me. When D13 got home, I asked if she could watch IL4 while I washed some oil out of my hair (I had put some in to suffocate any lice that the Nix didn’t get). IL4 immediately wanted in to “go potty,” but didn’t ever sit on the toilet. He tried to get in the tub with me 3 times, but the water was too hot. So he pooped on the floor. I was relieved to go to work that night.

We shaved IL4’s head on Wednesday evening. It wasn’t fun for him, but we promised him a gigantic ice cream cone AND McDonald’s if he stayed still, so he stopped struggling. In return, he took the louse-ridden shears, and shaved one side of Aaron’s head.

Thursday there was a snowstorm and I got my little pink car stuck in the driveway upon returning home from work in the morning. I proceeded to make it a well-deserved day of rest. D13 wasn’t very restful, though, she threw up 7 times.

Friday, I took Loki to speech therapy, went to a client’s house and helped her with something, came home and took a really long bath, went to Perkins with the family, and then went to work. So at least I had a restful end of the week.


  • 1 letter Maine Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Virginia Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • 1 letter Oklahoma
  • 1 letter Texas
  • 1 letter Pennsylvania
  • 15 Christmas cards

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4 thoughts on “Update December 17, 2022

  1. Oh man what a week!!!!

    I hope you’ll forgive me for laughing at the image of you struggling with the mail, a 4yo, and falling pants.

    Hope you get a break soon!


    1. Yeah, I laughed at myself too. 😊 Only not in the moment.

      I have a lot to catch up on after my injury. I didn’t do as much as I’d have liked for the last month. Although I feel much better today, I expect catch up will at least go through December.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes it is a relief to go to work! Sorry you had to deal with lice, that’s never fun. Why do they even exist lol?

    Les Mis sounds fun. I love a good high school play. 🙂

    Be well this week! 🙂


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