Black Panther & Wakanda Forever

The African country of Wakanda is viewed as a third world country, but in reality has a precious metal vibranium which is only present there, and gives them highly advanced technology. They also have a superhero called Black Panther, whose suit gives him strength and acts as a bulletproof vest. This man, king of Wakanda, fights an American threat to his kingdom.

I am unfamiliar with the comic books, but enjoyed the movie quite a bit. It’s refreshing to get away from the white male superhero trope. The plot was solid, and the special effects were pretty good. I loved the battle scenes.

Wakanda Forever’s timeline follows several years after Black Panther. The king, Black Panther has died, and his mother, sister, and the general Okoye fight to save Wakanda from a new threat coming from the ocean.

This movie was awesome. It stepped up from black superhero to black woman superhero. It was filled with strong women and action. Again, good battle scenes and solid plot.

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