Escape the Underdark, Episode 4

©️Artist Allygator Artwork

Nigel took us to a secret tunnel under the city. The trip to the Resistance hideout was mostly uneventful, though Nigel and I were both engulfed by a floating acid-cube. Luckily, I was able to misty-step my way out of the cube and Nigel managed to crawl out.

Soon, we arrived in a large room full of interesting people. I wandered off from the group, hoping to find a new friend. I met a strong, ruggedly handsome blacksmith (Drako) and a short yet muscular woman with a lovely midriff (Braenria). Both let me know that this was the place to get reasonably-priced black market weapons.

At that point, Nigel called me over to the group which (minus Grok) had been discussing jobs we could do for the Eel of Gold to earn a referral to the merpeople. They took my blood in order to punish me if I told anyone the location of their hideout. I find that very disturbing, but I felt I had no choice, despite Eel saying I had one.

The three jobs that he had suggested were 1) to steal an item from the Blackwaters, 2) to save a Blackwater lady whose family has her locked up, 3) to get rid of the guards who keep the Blackwater lady. We chose to rescue the Blackwater lady.

The Eel of Gold was creepy. He, quite impossibly, knew my name and implied he had spies on the surface. He had a chest which he claimed could send items to the surface, and urged us all to write a letter to someone on the surface. I was a little suspicious that he was going to read them for nefarious reasons. I’m not sure what reason, though.

Here is the letter I wrote to my lover Oneida:

Dearest Oneida,

I long to see you. I hope this letter finds you. I know you are traveling on your own adventure, looking for heroes to save your people from the evil mongooses ravaging your young. I was on my way to find you when I found myself shunted without ceremony into the depths of the underdark. I am trapped here, but my group and I are working to get back up to the surface. In the meantime, I am searching for more soulmates, hopefully to join us in loving embrace. I have found a wonderful bunny of steel. His name is Bouncy Inferno. I love him dearly. I hope he will return with me to the surface.

I am not in a rush to get to the surface, but my group is – and that’s fine by me. As soon as I am up, I will begin making my way to you again.

With love,


Oneida is a tortle wizard from the Snout if Omgar. I have been friends with her since we were both children. Here is a painted miniature I have in a locket around my neck.

©️Artist Allygator Artwork

Strangely, I forgot to ask any of the people I spoke to about Giovanni. I will ask Nigel in the morning.

Anyhow, after we had completed our letters, we were taken to a large room filled with magical items. We were able to borrow some items to help us on our quest. I borrowed some Boots of Elvenkind, which make me stealthy and the Rod of the Pactkeeper which makes me a more powerful warlock.

Then, we were allowed to decompress and rest for the night. I had to take a soak to get all the cube-goo off of me. I met a nice minotaur who was a great listener…though strangely he never seems to leave the baths – no matter how long he’s been in there.

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