Update May 13, 2023



Saturday, D13 and I went to lunch at Chick-fil-A and then to Gertens to buy flowers, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans. We couldn’t plant them, though, because it was raining. Then we watched A Man Called Otto and Your Place or Mine. M10 had his last show, and Aaron attended.


Sunday started out with me squashing IL4’s finger in the door. Because it was all bloody, I decided not to plant our flowers and veggies, despite it being a beautiful day. I didn’t want it getting infected. He then had swim lessons. M10 had a baseball game. They won by 1 point and M10 stole 2nd, 3rd, and home. So I guess that steal actually made a difference.

By the evening, D13 had a splitting headache and was obviously coming down from a fever based on her red face and claminess. (I would have taken her temp earlier, but I was at the game.) I tested her for COVID, and she came up positive.


Monday started with a rush of snafu squading. I had to make several calls and emails about D13’s covid, including calling the school twice, emailing a teacher, and changing her Little Mermaid audition to video. I had to fill out some forms before sending IL4 to school. Finally, I put him on the bus and rushed over to the grocery store to pick up some vital items. Then I set up D13 for a virtual appointment, and rushed dad to the lawnmower shop and went to the library to pick up a book that she needed to read, but left at school.

After IL4 got home from special education, I took him to urgent care about his smashed finger. It had turned a deep purple as if it had bad circulation. They x-rayed it since apparently they were concerned about a certain type of break that would permanently hurt his nail bed. IL4 didn’t want his hand x-rayed, saying he was scared. We decided I would hold him on my lap, but as we were putting on my protective vest, IL4 bolted and I chased after him, but lost him. I figured out where he was when I heard a dismayed cry of “No! Don’t do that!”

M10 had baseball practice.


Tuesday I voted for a referendum to get more funding to the schools (it passed). Then I had an interview at noon. They no-showed, and at 12:20 I got a call from special education saying IL4 refused to get on the bus to go back to daycare. I went and rescued his teacher. He asked to go home, and I told him I would take him home today if he promised to get on the bus tomorrow. He promised (and kept his promise).

Later, we had an IEP meeting for him. The teachers were talking about how he was more hyperactive and impulsive than before – to the point of bolting dangerously at the street and the staircase. He has also been bolting in parking lots for me. He has also been more anxious and emotional lately. I am concerned that I’ll have to give him ADHD meds if the dangerous behavior continues. I don’t like giving ADHD meds to a 4 year old, but I’m not sure how else to curb the dangerous behaviors.

In the evening M10 and I had a D&D oneshot we participated in. We both really enjoyed it.


Wednesday I was super tired again. I get that way when I’m stressed, and it makes staying awake for D&D difficult. But I mostly managed! M10’s team won a baseball game.


Thursday I worked later than usual on the morning, then went immediately to the eye doctor. I hadn’t thought my vision had decreased much, but my right eye did by much more than expected. Then we had a zoom meeting going over D13’s autism assessment. She was found to be normal across the board. She didn’t even have problems that she was determined to have in an earlier assessment. Later, I had a dentist appointment (no cavities), and took IL4 to try on jersey sizes for soccer. He loved the jersey store and repeatedly bolted and hid in the hanging clothes. I literally only found him the second time because I saw the direction he went, and there was nowhere else he could have gone.


Friday was mostly a good day. I forgot that IL4’s speech therapy was at 10 instead of 10:45 like usual, so missed it. I ran some errands, rescued two bean sprouts that IL4 apparently planted at school, and checked things off my to-do list.

M10 and Aaron left for their whitewater rafting trip, and D13, IL4, dad and I went to Olive Garden. D13 was a trooper and watched IL4 all night while I worked.

Week’s Photos

Reading to IL4

  • Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy, by Thomas Flintham
  • Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up, By Thomas Flintham

M10 reading

  • The River of Wind, by Kathryn Lasky

D13 reading

  • Exile, by Shannon Messenger

Media Completed

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