Update May 20, 2023



Saturday I played D&D and then watched movies with D13 and dad. I’m told M10 went white water rafting despite forgetting his goggles at home (he’s very afraid of water in his eyes – I imagine it’s a sensory thing). I’m proud of him for that.


Mother’s Day was supposed to be calm, but I spent the whole day worrying about my job. IL4 had swim lessons and M10’s baseball game was postponed due to the rain.


Monday I felt sick to my stomach, which I interpreted as stress from the job situation (in retrospect, I apparently had a stomach bug). I went to the zoo with IL4 and dad, anyway. IL4 first wanted to walk through the aquarium, but only looked at statues. The sharks were pretty boring to him (well, I should say the statues were that interesting…) Then we went outside, where he discovered the playground. We spent the rest of the time there, and saw no animals.

At the playground, he pooped his diaper. He had been out of diapers for more than half a year, and recently went back in diapers with his GI problems. So I am out of the habit of bringing diapers and wipes everywhere. He didn’t want to go back to the car and change, and dad said he’d watch IL4 while I went back to the car and got supplies. I suggested that perhaps it’s a bad idea to intrust a man who uses a walker with watching a 4 year old who has been bolting and hiding a lot lately. Dad, offended by me “not trusting [him],” tried to prove himself by grabbing IL4. IL4 squirmed out of his reach, and bolted to the play structure. Dad chased him and, in slow mo, climbed up the rope ladder. Nearby moms were looking at me in dismay, but what was I supposed to do? By the time dad got to the top, IL4 had run across the large structure, and hidden in a nook. Dad walked around for about 5 minutes on the structure, looking for IL4, while I sat on the bench and chuckled.

M10 had an appointment and a BSA meeting. I had to pick M10 up on foot for the appointment because I’d accidentally left my purse in the car that Aaron took to work, and I didn’t have my car keys. (This was before the zoo.) Aaron dropped the purse off on his way to the dentist (he needs to replace his Marilyn bridge because of decay underneath, but otherwise had no cavities).


Tuesday was exhausting. I left early for a diabetes lab draw. Then I had an interview, followed by picking up IL4 at school because he wouldn’t get on the bus back to daycare. He was so upset when I brought him back to daycare. He thought I’d take him home like last time. Then I had two more interviews. I have decided to take one of those jobs. It will be an overnight awake position on MWF. At least there will be lots of downtime to rest, I’m told. Maybe I’ll get bunches read.


Wednesday I took IL4 to a feeding clinic for his intake. They suggested OT, and said they were willing to do psychology if I thought it would help. However, they suggested he was unlikely to get much benefit out of therapy until his hyperactivity was addressed. I have already made an appointment with his pediatrician in hopes of getting a referral for the psychiatrist D13 and M10 use.


Thursday Aaron and I had a day date for our anniversary. We went to IHOP for breakfast, watched Supernatural, picked up IL4 from school since he’s decided he’ll never ride the bus again and they can’t force him, and grilled for dinner.


Friday I went through my schedule for the summer and made note of all the appointments that needed to be moved because of my new work schedule (starting June). I have to move all appointments to MWF after 10am, there were about 5 appointments to change, and I made a few of those changes before I ran out of time.

Then I took IL4 to an x-ray to check if his gut was empty of stool, as it should be. Haven’t gotten the news back from the gastroenterologist yet, but the radiologist said he had a “moderate stool load” which is bad because he’s supposed to be running on empty.

After the x-ray, we went to the library. He played with the toys and the computer and then checked out a Leapfrog.

Week’s Photos

Reading to IL4

  • Revenge of the Roach, by Todd H Doodler

M10 reading

  • River of Wind, by Kathryn Lasky

D13 reading

  • Neverseen, by Shannon Messenger

Media Completed

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