Update May 27, 2023



Saturday Aaron took a bunch of stuff to recycling at the citywide cleanup event. Then D13 and I went to An American Tale at aThe Children’s Theater of Minneapolis.


Sunday I made some gumbo. It is an attempt to get Aaron to take food to work from home instead of eating at a restaurant every day. We’ll see if it saves us money. IL4 had swim lessons, and M10 had a baseball game. His team has improved quite a bit, but the other team won.


Monday we had the basement people here jackhammering all day. We’re getting new drain tile in our basement will stop flooding. IL4 didn’t like the noise. D13 had an appointment mid-day, and M10 had baseball practice. At the end of the day, we set up the Slip n’ Slide. IL4 loved it, and the other two kids seemed to moderately enjoy themselves.


Tuesday was a tough day. First, I hadn’t slept all night – finally fell asleep around 6am and was awakened at 7am by the basement team. I wasn’t able to catch up on sleep all day due to the jackhammering. Plus, I had to pick IK4 up from special education to bring him to daycare, because he now refuses to get on the bus. Plus, right around the time they stopped jackhammering, I had a scheduled visit with a friend. Then, by the time I went to work, I could hardly stand. She sent me home 3 hours later.

I was also dealing with the stress of having decided that I shouldn’t take the overnight awake job that had been slated to start in June. On Monday, I had experienced something that seems to happen about once a week: I suddenly and unexpectedly got so drowsy that I struggled to keep my eyes open. This usually happens to me while driving or at doctor appointments. One time, I literally slept through an entire appointment because the doctor was talking to D13 and not me. It’s also happened at the park when I’m presumably active. My psychiatrist thinks I have narcolepsy, but that’s really rare, so I’m skeptical. I originally thought it was a long-COVID symptom, as it really only became a problem after I had COVID, but all my other long COVID symptoms have disappeared. Anyway, the incident on Monday reminded me that when I wasn’t sleeping as many hours when working two jobs, it was happening multiple times a week. It’s highly inconvenient, especially when I have to literally pry one eye open to get to safety while driving. Monday was such an example, and I had IL4 in the car with me, so it was super scary. Anyway, I thought that maybe sleeping irregular hours and not as much due to an overnight awake position might increase these incidents to multiple times a week again. Unfortunately, my sleep doctor appointment has been scheduled out for months, and is slated to happen Thursday this week, but the onboarding appointment was set to happen on Wednesday. So I cancelled the onboarding.


Wednesday I took D13 to an appointment that was scheduled for the following Wednesday. I missed D&D because of that, and was super bummed. M10 had a baseball game. I heard he got on base by hitting the ball twice!


Thursday, after getting the oil changed and a tire rotation, I had a sleep doctor appointment. She said that she doubted it was narcolepsy, too. She said they’d start with a sleep apnea home test. Then if that showed an insignificant amount of apnea, they would do an inpatient test in a sleep lab. Yay. Hopefully it’s just sleep apnea, though. That’s an easy fix. In the evening, D13 and I hung out with my friend Liz and learned to cross-stitch. She LOVED it.


Friday was mostly a good day for me. I ended up stressed out right at the end, but it resolved itself. IL4 had speech therapy (his v’s are going well!) And then an appointment with his pediatrician about his ADHD. We decided to put him on the same med M10 is on. Then we’ll follow up with a psychiatrist when we can get an appointment. On top of that, I talked to the nurse of IL4’s gastroenterologist. She said that the x-ray suggested we needed to try another 2-day bowel evacuation. I’ll do that this weekend.

Week’s Photos

Reading to IL4

  • Super Rabbit Boy, All-Stars, by Thomas Flintham
  • Super Rabbit Boy World, by Thomas Flintham
  • Love Monster, by Rachel Bright
  • Super King Viking Land, by Thomas Flintham
  • Inspector Flytrap, by Tom Angleberger

M10 reading

  • River of Wind, by Kathryn Lasky

D13 reading

  • Lodestar, by Shannon Messenger


2 hours of learning to cross-stitch, and this is the result. I am proud.

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