Sunday Update Week 15


Well, this is the big announcement week! I just got back from my honeymoon. The wedding itself was a success. It was exactly what we intended – an informal celebration and family/friends grilling. Afterwards, A and I went to Northern Minnesota and enjoyed some lovely weather while hiking and canoeing. We also officially announced that I am pregnant this week…

A and I returned home from the honeymoon on Thursday, in time to spend some lovely time with his mother and sister (who’d been watching the kids) on Friday. Saturday, A, my BFF L, nephew J, beat the heat by watching Doctor Who.

It’s been roaring hot out, so now that the kids will be back from their Saturday with their mother, we’re not sure what to do with them. Take them to an indoor park? That’ll work today, but not on Memorial day. We were hoping to take them to the lake on Monday, but it will be 98F and humid. Best to stay inside!

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I got SOME reading done on my honeymoon, but mostly I hiked and canoed and rested. So I’m still reading the same old books as last week.



A and I listened to Hammered, by Kevin Hearne on our trip – and found it quite delightful. Review coming soon. My nephew J, BFF L, and I have been watching Doctor Who together for a while, but we decided to start over (with the newer series) for my new husband, because he hasn’t seen them.



My list of acquired books is really a list of books that have gone through my hands this last week. As gifts for my attendants, I gave my BFF L (who actually officiated) and my new husband the South Reach Trilogy, by Jeff Vandermeer. I am eager to read them myself. We Two and Victoria’s Daughters were for T, another good friend and attendant. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes was given to my sister, C. The military books to my nephew, J, who was my third attendant.

My husband gave me How Democracies Die, The End if Policing, and the second and third books to The Great Library series.

When Dimple Met Rishi and Baker’s Magic were this week’s free Sync books.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Update Week 15

  1. Congratulations Rachel! I am glad to hear that the wedding day and your honeymoon went well.

    I loved Jeff Vandermeer’s South Reach Trilogy. I highly recommend them. I look forward to reading your thoughts on these books if you read them.


  2. oh love this Sunday post! so many good news! Congrats on your wedding and pregnancy Rachel! The pictures are so pretty you all look so beautiful! 🙂 and so many great books here too! The girl with all the gift and the Druids Chronicle were DNF for me but I know it was me and not the books so I want to try them again! 🙂


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